Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter! Long weekend! Excitement!

As a child, I ranked Easter just below Christmas.

There was chocolate, for a start, and I was allowed to eat what would otherwise be ridiculous amounts of chocolate.

(Ok, the amounts were still ridiculous.)

It generally corresponded with the start of school holidays.

Christmas and my birthday were a long way away, so I felt like a celebratory event was due.

All in all, there was excitement and happy anticipation.

It can be a fine line between excited and over-excited when you're six

As I got older, the excitement faded. Chocolate was all well and good, but after the age of about 12, you have the ability to access to it all year round (and thus it is less exciting at any given consumption point). 

This year, to my quiet delight, I'm feeling a frisson of anticipation again. Not really about the chocolate component (although that's a nice backdrop), but the general air of something being on.

Also, here in Australia it is a 5 day weekend. It's almost a contradiction in terms. There are more public holidays than weekend days!

This amazing scenario stems from Anzac Day (a remembrance day for Australian and New Zealand armed forces) falling on Easter Monday, and the public holiday thus being moved, ever so considerately, to the Tuesday.

The dizzying scenario of 5 days off work means that I have many grand plans.

They include re-planting my vegetable patch, cleaning the bits of the house that I rarely clean (hello blinds and windows), getting in a leisurely bike ride, playing tennis with my partner (although he may not know it yet...), and (hopefully) driving out of the city on one of the days.

Seedlings from my Spring (September) 2009 crop

Easter weekend 2010 - Dwellingup, Western Australia

I am also looking forward to baking.

Because really, what better time to bake than an Easter long weekend? There is the connection with food, the bonus time, and the ability to share baked products with family members, a useful feature when you want to make multiple products and there are only two people in your house.

The only question is, what to bake?

Some contenders:

  • Cinnamon bread (or some sort of bread)

Clearly I need to rein in my options :) Any ideas?

The nice thing is, whatever I end up making, I'm sure I'll enjoy the process.


  1. That picture of you from when you are young is so cute! I love Easter too!

  2. @LeahLol, thanks :) I hope you have fun introducing Sophie to Easter this year! (A bit young for chocolate I suspect, but not for the spirit of the day.)

  3. Fudge and lemon bars, fudge and lemon bars! (I'm totally biased.) Hurrah for someone else doing the kid photos too, and hurrah for the long weekend!!

  4. @Hannah
    But you might just be justifiably biased :D


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