Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Green recipe round up, for Saint Patrick's Day

I suspect I'm revealing personal shortcomings by saying that, until this year, I didn't really know what Saint Patrick's Day was all about. I tended to associate it with reckless drinking and green. It wasn't a particularly big event in Western Australia (except as an excuse for said drinking) but now we live relatively close to Ireland, I thought I should learn what it's actually about.

As you probably know already, Saint Patrick's Day was made a Christian feast day back in the 17th century. Saint Patrick was (is) the patron saint of Ireland. He is thought to have died on the 17th March, lending that date to the annual festival. Saint Patrick's Day is a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland and whilst it is a religious holiday, it is also about celebrating the heritage and culture of Ireland more generally. So, there is rather more to it than alcohol and green...

Green spaghetti

Mr Bite and I are actually heading to Ireland this Thursday night (I am very excited!), driven by a desire to see the country, the convenient 1 hour flight time from London, and the need to use up annual leave by the end of this month (the end of the financial year in the UK). There is quite a different approach to holidays here than in Australia: we can't carry our leave over from year to year or have it paid out. Combined with quick travel times to much of the northern hemisphere, there is a real culture of people taking regular short breaks. I rather like it.

In honour of Saint Patrick's Day and our upcoming visit across the Irish sea, I am sharing a recap of 6 green recipes from Bite-Sized Thoughts. They vary in vibrancy, but I think you'll agree that all are at least green tinged!

1. Avocado scones with hemp seeds. Avocado is the sole source of fat for these fluffy scones.

2. Apple, zucchini and sultana loaf. A green flecked, whole foods loaf that is delicious for breakfast or snacking.

3. Sun dried tomato and mushroom zucchini noodles. A classic zucchini noodle dish.

4. Asian spiced tofu with green tea soba noodles. An alternative green spaghetti dish is the one pictured at the top of this post, which made use of spinach spaghetti.

5. Ginger and mesquite green smoothie. Or any green smoothie.

6. Green ice cream. Spinach in dessert form!

Are you celebrating Saint Patrick's Day? 
Or what green foods are you enjoying at the moment?


  1. I think your admission that you didn't know a lot about St Pat's day is helpful for me because I do find it odd that more people aren't excited about it but maybe some just see it as an excuse for reckless boozing rather than about driving snakes into the sea and more interesting stuff like that :-) I am jealous of your trip to ireland - hope you enjoy it - and I am impressed you have three green noodle recipes on your blog - as well as the other lovey green food. Hope you had a happy st pat's day - is it celebrated more in London than in Perth?

    1. I actually missed any celebrations here, so I'm not sure! A few people did mention the day though, which is more than I found in Perth. I'm glad I could enlighten you as to possible reasons for a non-plussed approach to the day. I may not be the only ignorant one out there ;)

  2. I'll be honest, I didn't remember about St. Patty's either, but your little recipe round-up made my day!

  3. Somehow I don't think this debauchery that St. Patrick Day has become is what the Catholics had in mind...but I do love the excuse to eat more green food! these are some fun options!

  4. I'll have the zucchini noodle pasta followed by the green ice cream. I can't believe that in an hour you can be in another country! Such a foreign concept. I hope you have a super time and how fortunate you have a job where you're practically forced to take time off xx

    1. It is rather a perk - both the quick flights and the 'have to go away'!

  5. I love the sound of avocado scones - not heard of them before.

  6. Have a wonderful time in Ireland. I am eyeing up the apple and zucchini loaf - it looks delish.


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