Thursday, September 1, 2011

Water bottles

Are you a water bottle person?

I sometimes read articles about water bottle usage as an odd fad, a trend behaviour that will surely pass with time. You know the sort, those that remind us that we grew up without owning water bottles, and that we used to be able to last more than 15 minutes without having a drink.

I grew up without owning a water bottle, and I used to be able to last more than 15 minutes without having a drink.

Somewhere along the way, though, I became a water bottle person. I think it was around the time I started university, when I was spending full days on a large-ish campus that didn't always have water fountains where I wanted them. I also joined a gym for the first time that year, which may have further contributed to water bottle usage.

Whatever the origins, I am now quite dependent. So much so that I own not one water bottle, not two water bottles, but three water bottles. And for a very short time before I do a clearing out process, I own four water bottles.

Let me explain.

Firstly, I have a gym water bottle. 

This is a 1L camelbak and I blame it for my ability to drink 1L of water before breakfast.

I've had it for several years, and it was originally a (well-chosen) birthday present from my brother.

But even though it's great for the gym, it's not so good for running. It's too big and too hard to carry.

So, secondly, I have a running water bottle.

750mL with a pop-top lid and an easy to hold middle.

I got this free when I bought my outrageously priced, don't-let-my-feet-roll-in running shoes, so it seems fitting that it comes with me on my runs.

However, it doesn't go in my handbag. Because as with the camelbak, the top is exposed. And the interior of my handbag is not, shall we say, suited to touching anything that will subsequently go in my mouth.


Thus, thirdly, I have a handbag water bottle. 

This comes to work, on shopping trips, to football matches, and on any outing over 15 minutes.

This category has a high turnover rate. In fact, this year I have had three handbag water bottles.

The first was delightful. It had a clever spring-opening lid. You pushed a button and it sprang open. If it's appropriate to love water bottles (and I know it's probably not), I would say that I loved this one.

But then I dropped it, and the spring-opening feature stopped working properly. It was a sad day.

So I replaced it with a sturdy metal one.

Still quite attractive. 750ml, but streamlined.

Except then, despite its supposed BPA-free status, it started leaching little metal sediment bits. Into my mouth. The first time, I gave it the benefit of the doubt. The second time, it was retired. Immediately.

And so, I am pleased to welcome the latest addition to my water bottle family. The third handbag bottle for 2011:

It's called Fuel, apparently. Please don't hold it against it. I'm sure it didn't ask for the name.

700ml, with an easy grip and a non-spring but probably sturdy lid, it's already brought me a lot of joy for something that has yet to be used.

Now I just need to throw out the black metal version that it is replacing, so my collection doesn't grow to unsustainable numbers...

Because even I can see that four bottles may be too many.

Are you in the water bottle camp, or the "surely you can last 15 minutes without a drink!" camp? 

If the former, do you have bottles for different occasions?


  1. I like water bottles but what puts me off is that I've never been able to find a handbag one that doesn't leak - so please let us all know how this new one goes. Plus, I'm not the type that can keep their water bottle upright in a bag very easily (i.e. challenged!)

  2. I finally got myself a proper waterbottle last month (after having lots of disposables that I use) and it broke within a few weeks - most displeased so my faith in waterbottles is a little shaken - I bought another really cheap one but I don't love it in the same way.

  3. Hey Kari,

    First off, thank you for your sweet and supportive comments on my blog. It means so much. Secondly, I totally understand having more than one water bottle-my huge 40oz-er does not fit on my bike nor is it the most convenient. So it makes sense!

  4. Laughing... SO.... Hard.... Right now! Love this post. I'm a water bottle girl, check out Typo, they have the cutesy bottles, vintage snazzy designs and they have lids that don't break. I like the sleek black one, shame it tried to poison you, and Fuel is a great name. :)

  5. I have a work one - but have been meaning to get a handbag one for a while now!

  6. I have just the one and it goes everywhere with me. A metal one that either gets thrown in the bottom of the pram or gets wedged in the 'convenient' drink bottle holder section' of my bag. I'd be lost without it!

  7. I love this post! Definitely relate to your excitement :-) I am a water bottle girl too - it's a very serious business finding one to suit! I prefer smaller water bottles so the water stays nice and cold. Ultimate on my list - a 1L insulated water bottle that's not fugly! Yours are very very pretty and obviously very carefully chosen :-)

  8. @Liz@LastChanceTraining
    Oh me neither, believe me. Mine are generally on their side, at the bottom of the bag!

    I'm pleased to say that the new one doesn't leak. I do find screw top lids more water proof than push down ones, if that helps?

  9. @Johanna GGG
    Oh no! What an unfortunate start to water bottle ownership. Sometimes the cheap things are the sturdiest of all, so I hope the new one lasts.

  10. @Hannah
    You are most welcome :) I really enjoy your posts. And I'm glad you understand the water bottle thing!

  11. @Anna Johnston
    Thanks for the Typo hint, I'm now trying to work out how to justify 4 water bottles after all :D

  12. @cityhippyfarmgirl
    Your bag has a water bottle section?? Now that is what I need.

  13. @Brooke
    Ooh, insulated. I didn't know they existed! That would certainly be good in summer.

  14. Okay, now I just feel embarrassed. All I have is a glass of water by my bed! I need to find some of these, because while I drink a lot of herbal tea at work, I'm not good at keeping hydrated at other times!

  15. Yonks ago I wrote about my aggressive dislike of the bottled water phenomenon. In Canada, people buy their bottled water out of vending machines... when it clearly says (but not in these exact words) "this was taken out of a tap that wasn't yours". Truly. Coke bottles some of its Canadian water in Calgary. I lived in Calgary. When I bought Dasani I was buying water that might well have come from my own stupid NEIGHBOURHOOD!!! *That* was a waste of $$$$! Argh!

    And when I thought about the environmental impact of the fuels to make the bottle, the fuel expended to drive it to my city from the bottling plant, and then the recycling... I sucked it up and bought my first Sigg. I prefer filtered water because it tastes better at room temp, but I'm 100% a bottle girl, AND a tap water girl.

    But not in South America, where hydration makes me feel guilty. ;)

  16. @Hannah
    I think you should embrace your non-water bottle state...or at least be prepared for the addictive nature of them if you do venture into that world :P

  17. @Stephanie @
    Yes, paying for water (at least in Westernised countries...) is something I can not grasp. Water and parking fees are two pet peaves, and I'll go to great lengths to avoid paying for them!

  18. Ha! I have a bobble bottle and I love it! It filters my water too!

  19. @Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock
    Fantastic! I've seen them, but don't know anyone who has one. It would be great for re-filling from public taps.

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