Thursday, August 11, 2011

Exercise update

A couple of months ago, I set myself three exercise goals for June and July. As with my April and May goals, the overarching aim was to add some variety to my routine.

How have things gone?

1. Cycle to and from the gym two days per week. The idea was to shift some  cardio work outside and give myself dedicated time for weights / strength work.

This started off well, and I cycled to the gym twice weekly across most of June. However, then I got sick, and then we went to Tasmania. Since returning, I've averaged once per week.

Given that I now do Body Attack on one of the days I previously rode, I'm happy to keep this routine at once weekly. However, I would also like to make the most of any impromptu opportunities for transport-related cycling.

2. Maintain running (1 'long' run and ~2 shorter runs a week) and work on strengthening the leg muscles that seem to leave me prone to injury. I decided against setting goals around running further or faster, because I had done so and not followed through on several occasions already. Niggling knee and hip / glute pain was making it hard to persist with changes.

As it turns out, this stance may have helped me out. To my immense happiness and relief, I've found myself able to re-increase my running distances of late. I am tentatively excited...I hope it persists.

3. Do one different activity each month. This was a bit of a mixed bag, with possible activities including tennis, rock climbing and even adult gymnastics.

Depending on how you look at it, this was either a resounding success or a complete failure. As noted here, I've started doing Body Attack at my gym one morning per week. This is not only different, but much more challenging than my usual gym work. If we count this class as my 'different activity', I'm managing it weekly. However, I haven't played tennis, rock climbed, or made it to an adult gymnastics class...

All in all? I'm feeling pretty happy with my current routine. I started out making goals because I felt in a rut with my activity, and that has shifted. 

I'm doing different things, I'm starting to feel stronger in Body Attack, and I'm again experiencing what I love about exercise: feeling healthy, happy, and alive. 

I've also found that I've been delaying writing this post all week, which makes me think I'm much better at doing exercise than writing about it! The goal setting may have served its purpose - now I just need to keep things varied.

Are you prone to exercise ruts? Or are you someone who manages to keep things social, varied, fun and exciting? Or perhaps skip it altogether? :P


  1. I'm a non-exerciser. That is not to say I don't exercise, I do heaps, but I don't do anything that I think of as exercise, I need to trick my brain into participating in activities that are good for my body.

    So I dance. Dance is great exercise but it is also really social. So both my muscles and my gossip centre get a good workout at the same time.

  2. @Lisa
    I love that - that's exactly the sort of thing I was trying to do more of. Good for your gossip streak too!

  3. I cycled daily.It is healthy and gave really freshness to mind.It's perfect for those students, who want to study about this. I like the news that you have written in a detail.

  4. It is a good idea! It is good that you start with small aims which will help you to reach big goals. That`s the way how I work on my handmadewritings dissertation and it really works!

  5. very interesting and motivating post. you correctly did that changed the exercises, because the body and muscles need changes. when the exercises are monotonous, the muscles get used to them and the effectiveness of the exercises is lost, therefore it is important to make changes


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