Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Exercise Goals

I spoke here about how I want to vary my exercise routine, to make it more exciting and challenging. I've spent the last 2 days considering how best to do this, after coming up with a reasonably long list of possible activities / changes to try.

Here's what I've decided!

Goals for April

1. Cycle to the gym three days per week. Currently, I ride to one of my work places once a week. That work place is the same location as my gym. One other day I drive into the gym at 6am and then stay on to start work early. The other three weekdays I drive to the gym and back, and then make my way to my other workplace after getting showered and changed at home.

It dawned on me that if I cycled to and from the gym on those 3 days, I could get some of my cardio work done as a form of transport. The ride isn't particularly challenging, but of the 40 minutes it would take in total (there and back), 10 to 15 minutes would push my muscles. The drive there and back takes around 30 minutes, so the transport time wouldn't increase by much - and I would have more time at the gym to focus on weights / core strength work / stretching, because some of my usual cardio would be out of the way. I'd spend less time at the gym overall, but would effectively get more activity done.

2. Signing up for races / running events. This is probably crucial if my running is to improve. There's a 14km fundraiser race at the end of May that I would like to do, and whilst I may not be fit enough for that (my previous longest race is 12km, and previous longest run 13km - and neither distance would be possible for me right now!), I will commit to finding another option if that one seems too soon.

3. Doing one different activity each month. This could be a casual game of tennis, going indoor rock climbing, making it to a group fitness class, or any other active endeavour that I don't currently do.

I'm really excited about making these work. I'll reflect at the end of April on how they go!


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