Thursday, June 30, 2011

An ode to cereal - Part III

In Part I of this trilogy, I introduced my cereal basics. Oats, Weet-Bix, puffed millet and puffed corn.

In Part II, we moved on to snack cereals. Special K, Cheerios, and wild berry Rice O's.

Part III?

The impulse buys

This is a rotating category. Often the cereals in question are new to the market (I'm a sucker for buying new products, especially if they're cereal). Sometimes they are products I buy more than once, but don't have regularly. Quite often they come in phases. Right now I'm into dried fruit. At times I'm into crunch. Sometimes I want both.

In effect, they're what grabs my fancy as I walk down the cereal aisle and know there is space for another box on my cereal shelf. I do have some criteria when it comes to cereal (mostly around added sugar and the number of ingredients, including chemical sounding ingredients), but there's plenty of space for experimentation.

At the moment, this category includes gluten free Rice Flakes, Weet-Bix Crunch in golden crumble flavour, and Uncle Toby's Plus Sports Lift.

Freedom Foods gluten free Rice Flakes

These flakes are effectively corn flakes, but made with rice. They have 66% rice and are apple juice sweetened, so the ingredient list is short. I expected to like them.

Sadly, I didn't.

I have grown to not dislike them, given I'm trying to avoid wasting a whole box of cereal, but they're definitely an occasional cereal.

As with the wildberry Rice O's I mentioned in my last cereal post, the taste also changes when wet. Not for the better!

Weet-Bix Crunch - golden crumble flavour

These I like. Plain and soggy :P They're my favourite Weet-Bix Crunch flavour.

And yes, it was the 'new' label on the box that drew me in.

These are effectively mini weet-bix with added flavour (and sugar), but they still retain their weet-bix-ness. I liked them more when I first bought them, but they're still good as a semi-regular snack or dessert. And sometimes even breakfast.

Uncle Toby's Plus Sports Lift

I think I've probably tried the full Plus range. I don't love these cereals, and find them slightly too sweet and a bit unexciting. I'm usually sick of the flavour by the time I finish the box. But they are nice for variety, and I like the mix of grains and dried fruit that this option has.

And there we have it - a snapshot of my cereal collection!

Are any of the ones featured here favourites of yours? Or do you have suggestions for others I should try? :D

[All being well, we'll be between Cradle Mountain and Hobart when this goes out :) ]


  1. I don't know what cereals are happening in Oz, but I share the love affair. Sadly, I think my general wellness prefers if I don't eat cereal, since some of them are like crack and I can't stop. I actually find I'm better off with an oatmeal-eggwhite protein pancake for breakfast than lots of starchy carbs, since it keeps me full longer and less likely to fantasise about cereal. :D

    I can't remember in Odes I and II if there was mention of hot cereal---yea or nay on that? I'm 100% nay, but I *do* like the oatmeal protein pancakes... it's a texture thing!

  2. @Stephanie @
    "Some of them are like crack" - oh so (sadly) true! There are definitely better and worse choices out there, that is for sure.

    I'm yay on hot oats, but only in winter. I do find them super filling, but normally in a good way. And oatmeal protein pancakes would be on my menu daily if I could summon up the motivation to make them :D


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