Monday, July 25, 2011

An active weekend

My best run in months, with beautiful weather and muscles that seemed to work without any effort at all...

...combined with a Sunday outing...

...with a (slightly cheating!) picnic...

...made for a delightful weekend.

I only wish there was another day in there before the working week rolled around again!


  1. Me too! Why can't the weekend be three days? *sob*

  2. wow where do you run that looks like a beautiful track (and how many k's isit?)
    im supposed to be running for city2surf but i havent been :(
    i need a running buddy! its too dark to run on my own atm, and i love sleeping in too much hehehehe

    subway is totally NOT cheating!

    i had a thai banquet last night, and chinese for lunch and skipped breakfast yesterday(so hopefully u feel abit better haha..)


  3. @Hannah
    Wouldn't that be so much better? I'm sure we'd all be happier as a result!

  4. @Two fit and fun gals
    Thank you! The track is around Lake Monger, not far out of Perth city (you'll see it on Google maps if you search :) ). It's only 3.5km around but it's easy to extend the route on surrounding bike paths and the like.

    I'm guessing you're in the Sydney city2surf? Yours is longer than Perth's (ours is 12km) so I'm rather impressed :) Getting up in the mornings is rather challenging in winter though...good luck with it!

  5. Oh how I long for a longer weekend. It just doesn't seem to matter how hard I wish for it, it just doesn't happen. Sigh! Your picnic destination looks beautiful, love the mossy rocks.
    Are you saying that you ran for 45 minutes? Holy smokes, my lungs hurt just thinking about it. I'm impressed. :) Nice to see your blog, I'm new here. Looking forward to reading more.

  6. @Anna Johnston
    Welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by. I did run 45 minutes, but often my lungs hurt thinking about it too - I'm very hit and miss when it comes to running! Mossy rocks, on the other hand, are always beautiful :)


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